Gigafactory, Coventry

Planning Prospects prepared a planning application to Warwick District Council and Coventry City Council, on behalf of Coventry City Council and Coventry Airport Ltd, for the development of a “Gigafactory” at Coventry Airport.

A Gigafactory is a facility to manufacture batteries for the automotive sector and other applications, at scale. Such a facility is critical to the future of the automotive sector both in the West Midlands and the UK, given the rapid shift towards electric vehicles.

The proposals will deliver up to 5.7m sq ft of space for battery production and will also allow for recycling.  They will add £434m in GVA to the regional economy each year, as well as create 6,000 new jobs and thousands more in construction and the supply chain.  The Gigafactory will be powered by 100% green energy, using a combination of sources including solar and wind power, as well as grid supplied renewables.

Both Councils resolved to grant planning permission for the scheme in January 2022.