Bournemouth Airport

Planning Prospects were retained to advise on planning issues associated with Bournemouth Airport following its December 2017 acquisition by Regional & City Airports (the airports management division of Rigby Group plc).  In the first instance this has involved providing guidance on and engaging with a variety of matters ranging from the implications of development by third parties around the Airport, to permitted development rights within its operational area, car parking provision, the provision of new premises for commercial partners, and enforcement against those breaching planning controls with an impact on the business.

This role has expanded to include making representations to the relevant emerging Local Plans (Christchurch and East Dorset) dealing with matters ranging from safeguarding to the appropriateness of potential allocations which might affect the Airport, and the promotion of 60ha of land across the northern part of the operational area for employment led development.  Planning Prospects are advising the Airport on strategy to bring forward proposals for the fist phase of such development, in parallel with promotion through the Development Plan.  In addition to the usual issues associated with development in and around airports – for example in relation to noise, air quality and traffic – there are particular challenges here in protecting sensitive adjacent areas covered by a range of ecological designations.  Planning Prospects are taking a leading role in managing the consultant team required to resolve these issues.